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Gum Inflammation, Bleeding gums

Gum Therapy

Experiencing gum issues? Periodontitis, a bacterial infection, might be the culprit. It targets your gums, causing them to become red and swollen. If ignored, they can pull away from your teeth, and you might even risk losing one.

If this is ringing a bell, gum therapy could be your answer. It's like a spa day for your gums. Right here in Concord at Healing Hands Dental, our Concord dentist, and a skilled hygienist work in tandem. They meticulously clear out all the hidden nasties between your teeth and gums. The main mission? Keeping your gums in top shape and ensuring they snugly envelop your teeth.

In more stubborn situations, our Concord dental team might recommend a procedure known as scaling and root planing. This method is essential for eliminating the real problems—plaque and tartar. If the situation escalates, a minor surgical intervention could be the route to setting your gums right.

Wondering why all this effort? Simply, healthy gums are the cornerstone of a radiant smile.

If you find your gums being overly sensitive, looking reddish, or bleeding, it's a sign. It indicates you should be making an appointment with a dentist. Conveniently located in Concord, our dental practice is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities. Our office in Concord is not just about top-tier tools but also our unwavering commitment to gentle care for our patients.

So, when you're on the lookout for reliable and compassionate dental care in Concord, whether you need specific expertise from a dentist or just basic dental advice, Healing Hands Dental is the place you should be heading to!

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