Transillumination technology for caries detection

Transillumination technology for caries detection

Maintaining optimum oral health is just as important as having a beautiful smile. One specific factor that ruins both oral health and aesthetics is tooth decay. The accumulated plaque and tartar on the surface of the teeth can erode the enamel and gain entry into the deeper layers. When left untreated, it can advance to the root canal and cause serious infection.

Early detection and treatment is, perhaps, the best way to ensure cavities don’t get the better of your oral condition. When the cavity is on the surface, it becomes quite apparent and can be spotted by mere visual examination. But, what about dental caries in the root canal? How does one spot it?

Dental X-rays

X-rays have been used in dentistry for a long time now. They are used to get a close-up view of the oral features such as the teeth, roots, soft tissues, jawbone, lesions, unwanted growth of tissues, etc. The device projects a beam of x-rays on the oral features that are under examination. The image obtained allows the dentist to view them in a finer way, which helps diagnose the condition better.

However, being exposed to x-ray radiations can harm the sensitive tissues of the body. Though they are helpful in extracting the images of the ‘hard-to-view’ parts of the mouth, such as the tooth roots and jawbone, they have their own drawbacks as the procedure is considered as invasive. Hence, at Healing Hands Dental, we take a non-invasive approach that isn’t harmful to the human body.

Transillumination technology

Transillumination technology makes use of a specific light that is especially helpful in the detection of cavities, cracks, occlusal grooves, and other details on the tooth surfaces. The light illuminated by the device gets trapped in the cavities, grooves, and cracks, making them visible. The enamel doesn’t trap any light, and hence, would be transparent on the image produced.

Advantages of choosing Transillumination technology

  • The presence of caries can be detected with excellent accuracy.
  • The device doesn’t produce any radiations that are harmful to the body, as in the case of x-rays.
  • Children and pregnant women would be advised not to take x-rays. For such patients, Transillumination technology is a safe alternative.
  • The images produced are quite similar to the ones produced by x-rays. In fact, they are much clearer.

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