Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery

Surgery performed on the teeth, gums, jawbone, lips, or the soft tissues of the mouth is called oral surgery. A well-trained oral surgeon performs oral surgeries, for which they need to undergo a few years of rigorous training after finishing dental school.

Dr. Salaveria has performed numerous oral surgeries over his long-spanning career. His well-trained and experienced staff is very caring and friendly. Together, they make Healing Hand Dental one of the best dental practices in Vallejo and Concorde, CA.

When would oral surgery be necessary?

Oral trauma: Oral trauma is one of the most common conditions that require oral surgery. When the patient has a bad fall, a sports-related injury or sustains a hard blow to the mouth accidentally, they may injure their teeth, jaws, or the soft tissues of the mouth. Fracture of the jawbone can be quite painful, which is why we give a lot of importance to such situations. During oral emergencies, call us as soon as possible and we would offer assistance immediately.

Gum surgery:The gums may undergo decay, inflammation, receding and the infection can spread to the teeth and jawbone as well. Hence, it is best to get it treated at the early stages to prevent complications. The infected tissues will be removed and healthy tissues will be grafted to the region. For this, we extract healthy tissues from the palate and graft it near the gum line.

Bone graft:Getting dental implants to replace the missing teeth is one of the best tooth restoration solutions. But, to get dental implants, jawbone health is a major factor that has to be satisfied. The jawbone tends to shrink or deteriorate when a tooth is extracted, which makes implant placement difficult. Hence, bone tissues will be grafted on to the jawbone to replenish its volume, which is done with the help of a surgery.

Impacted wisdom tooth removal: The wisdom teeth are the last ones to emerge and are placed at the back of the jaw. Sometimes, there could be a complication during the emergence of the tooth, making it get ‘stuck’ in between the jawbone and the gums. This condition is called ‘impacted wisdom teeth’ and can be quite painful. Such teeth are best if removed by means of surgery.

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