Post Op Instructions

Post-op instructions are essential for better healing and recovery after a surgical procedure. We advise our patients not to consume food for at least 2 hours post their surgery to let the anesthesia wear off. Here is a list of post-op instructions:

Root Canal Therapy

It is natural to experience a bit of soreness post a root canal. The patient should avoid chewing on the side of the mouth where the procedure was performed. The dentist would prescribe antibiotics in order to treat infections in the mouth.

Crowns and Bridges

As you wear crowns or bridges, make sure to brush and floss regularly to maintain the health and form of your restoration.

White Fillings (Bonding)

Teeth would be sensitive as the anesthesia wears off. The patient should avoid hot and cold food for the next couple of days post the procedure. The patient may continue to follow regular dental hygiene to ensure that the fillings last for long.

Scaling and Root Planing

It may be possible to notice sore gums for a few days post this procedure. The patient would be advised to rinse their mouth with salt water two to three times a day. Doing so would relieve any sort of pain and cleanse the area. The patient may place a cold compress in case of swelling or stiffness.


It is normal to experience a bit of bleeding post of an extraction procedure. A gauze piece is placed at the extraction site in order to stop the bleeding. The patient may approach the dentist if the bleeding continues beyond 24 hours. It would be advised to limit the intake of hard food and opt for a soft diet that includes pudding, yogurt, mashed potatoes, ice cream, and soups.


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Dr. Salaveria and his staff were friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and they listened to me. I recently moved here from out of state and it looks like I've found my new dentist!

Sheridan S. Concord, CA

NO Pain! I am a HUGE baby when it comes to dental work and I am SO impressed. They made me feel comfortable and I am amazed that after a root canal, I had NO PAIN! Highly recommend their services. Their staff was wonderful from Rose at the front office to Brittany who assisted the procedure. Absolutely recommend!!!

Sue J. Concord, CA

My last experience at the dentist was as an uninsured individual about 6-8 years ago and I went to Western Dental. After almost 2 hours in their chair for 2 fillings and they had only gotten one of them done, I walked out of the office and never looked back. A few years went by and all of a sudden one of my molars caved in and I knew I had to get it taken care of. I now have insurance through my work and found Dr. Salaveria through their list of network providers. I saw all the positive reviews here on Yelp (and no negative ones...) and thought it was too good to be true but figured I would give them a shot. Best decision I ever made!

This is by far the best dentist experience I could have dreamed of. I had about 6 fillings done in less time than it took the Western Dental folks to do one. Not to mention he is very gentle and uses different techniques to make me comfortable since I have severe issues with my TMJ. I can almost fall asleep in his chair. They referred me out for two root canals (which have to be done by a specialist, and who they referred me to was also equally amazing) at this point and I have had one crown put in by them and will be having another crown done shortly. I can honestly say that I look forward to getting the work done with them. ....well... as much as anyone can look forward to dental work that is.

Bottom line: The reviews speak for themselves! Don't doubt it!

Jenna D. Concord, CA

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